With God on All Sides: Leadership in a Devout and Diverse America

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An Annapolis Group-commissioned study has found that graduates of liberal-arts colleges report being better prepared for post-college opportunities than do graduates of public or private universities. Details about the study and its findings are available at collegenews. This essay, by Central College IA president Mark Putnam, provides keen insight into the conundrum facing liberal-arts colleges today. Five New York Six institutions are competing in the New York Negawatt Challenge, an electricity reduction competition for campus residence halls, a northeast component of Campus Conservation Nationals.

From February 13 through March 5, St. Lawrence, Skidmore, Hamilton, Colgate and Hobart and William Smith will vie to see which school can reduce electricity use in its residence halls by the greatest percentage. The Campus Conservation Nationals is the first nationwide electricity and water Hicks as provost and dean of the faculty, effective July 1, Hicks also will serve as professor of religion.

Hicks has spent the past 13 years at the University of Richmond, where he currently serves as professor of leadership studies and religion in the Jepson School of Leadership Studies. Skip to main content. New York 6. Search form Search. You are here Home.

Political Typology Reveals Deep Fissures on the Right and Left

Staff Resources. Monday, October 22, - pm. Study on Higher Ed Outcomes. Joan Stewart on Change. A second majority-minority group, Devout and Diverse , faces even tougher financial hardships than Disaffected Democrats. Devout and Diverse also are the most politically mixed typology group about a quarter lean Republican , as well as the least politically engaged. Like Disaffected Democrats, they are critical of government regulation of business. In addition to the eight main groups in the political typology, a ninth group — the Bystanders — is missing in action politically.

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Almost no one in this relatively young, largely minority group is registered to vote and most pay little or no attention to politics and government. While both parties are divided internally, partisanship remains a defining feature of American political life.

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Across the eight main typology groups, majorities either affiliate with or lean toward either the Republican or Democratic Party. The power of partisanship is reflected in attitudes about Donald Trump.

Overall, Trump gets his most positive ratings among the two most solidly Republican groups, Core Conservatives and Country First Conservatives. The two largest groups in the political typology — Core Conservatives on the right and Solid Liberals on the left — make up an even larger share of their partisan coalitions when political engagement is factored in. Core Conservatives are more likely than other GOP-leaning groups to say they follow politics and government most of the time and say they always vote.

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At the other end of the political typology, Solid Liberals constitute by far the largest proportion of politically engaged Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. That is about the same proportion as the other Democratic-leaning groups combined. The midterm elections are still more than a year away, but the two groups at either end of the political typology are already highly motivated by the battle for congressional control.

At this point, other groups are less engaged by the struggle for partisan control of Congress.

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And the drop-off is particularly notable among three groups close to the middle of the typology. The political typology sorts Americans into cohesive, like-minded groups based on their values and beliefs, as well as their partisan affiliation. The current study, which comes 30 years after the first political typology , is based on surveys conducted June among 2, adults and June July 9 among 2, adults, with a follow-up survey conducted Aug. The typology is not intended to measure changes over time in the electorate, but some of the internal party differences that were evident 30 years ago still persist today.

With All Sides Leadership Devout Diverse America

For example, Core Conservatives are far more likely than Country First Conservatives to favor societal acceptance of homosexuality. In , two roughly parallel groups — Enterprise Republicans and Moral Republicans — differed over a disputed social policy at that time, whether or not school boards should have the right to fire homosexual teachers. There also have been long-standing divisions among Democratic groups over religion and morality.

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To be sure, there have been seismic changes in the nation and politics over the past three decades — and these are reflected in the political typology. The country has become far more racially and ethnically diverse. Thirty years ago, one of the largest groups in the political typology were the New Dealers, an older, mostly white, mostly Democratic group who were relatively conservative on social issues but favored activist government.

There have been more recent changes as well, particularly in the GOP coalition. On these issues, Market Skeptic Republicans have less in common with the other groups on the right than they do with the Democratic-leaning groups in the political typology. The political typology divides the public into eight political groups, along with a ninth group of less politically-engaged Bystanders.

The assignment of individuals to one of the eight core typology groups is based on their responses to 12 questions about social and political values and their party affiliation or leaning. While partisanship remains a dominant factor in politics, the current report finds — as did prior typology studies — that there are internal values divides within both partisan coalitions. See appendix 2 for additional details about the statistical procedure used to calculate the typology groups. Pagination Next: 1.

Partisanship and political engagement 2. Views of the parties and political figures 3. Views of life in the country today, U. Views of the economy and the social safety net 6. Race and discrimination, opinions about immigrants and Islam 7. Foreign policy 8.