Strategy Formulation in Entrepreneurial Firms

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Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 11, Issue 3. Special Issue Article. Timothy E. Kathleen M. Christopher B. Bingham Corresponding Author E-mail address: cbingham unc.

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Formulating a Strategy Before Starting Your Business

Abstract Research summary Examining the strategy formation process is central to understanding why some firms in entrepreneurial settings create competitive advantage and succeed while others do not. Citing Literature. Volume 11 , Issue 3 September Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer.


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Go to Section. Home Organization Science Vol. Kathleen M. Claudia Bird Schoonhoven. Previous Back to Top. The downside of prominence in a network of marketing alliances. An open-minded strategy towards eco-innovation: A key to sustainable growth in a global enterprise.

Do all elements of green intellectual capital contribute toward business sustainability? Evidence from the Malaysian context using the Partial Least Squares method. Technological antecedents of entrepreneurship and its consequences for organizational performance. The double impact of institutions: Institutional spillovers and entrepreneurial activity in the solar photovoltaic industry. Top management team diversity, individualism—collectivism, and MNE performance.

Prior ties, investor role, and venture capital syndication. Obstacles of innovation and institutional support in the cooperation agreements. European Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. Nathan R. Employee-level open innovation in emerging markets: linking internal, external, and managerial resources. When do organisations learn from successful experiences? The case of venture capital firms. Conditional effects of justice on instability in international joint ventures. Alliance management knowledge and alliance performance: unveiling the moderating role of the dedicated alliance function.

The relationship between organizational interdependence and additionality obtained from innovation ecosystem participation. Commercial partnerships and collaborative innovation in China: the moderating effect of technological uncertainty and dynamic capabilities. Are explicit knowledge transfers clustered or diffused in the U. The Mediating Role of Strategic Alliances. Inter-organizational relationships: toward a reconceptualization of constructs. The role of linked legitimacy in sustainable business model development.

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Integrating professionals in French multi-professional health homes: Fostering collaboration beyond the walls. Three configurations of corporate innovation programs and their interplay. TMT diversity and innovation ambidexterity in family firms. Understanding joint bids for international large-scale sport events as strategic alliances. Manufacturing strategies for the ecosystem-based manufacturing system in the context of 3D printing.

Factor market rivalry and interindustry competitive dynamics. A new framework to assess industry convergence in high technology environments.

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Sources of strategic flexibility in new ventures: An analysis of the role of resource leveraging practices. Inter-organisational knowledge networks: synthesising dialectic tensions of university-industry knowledge discovery. The impact of cultural diversity on innovation performance of MNC subsidiaries in strategic alliances. The perceived importance of intersectoral collaboration by health care alliances.

Table of contents for Strategy formulation in entrepreneurial firms / by Azhdar Karami.

The organisational and geographic diversity and innovation potential of EU-funded research networks. The entrepreneurial profile after failure. The impact of emotional self-management on benefit offerings and employment growth: an analysis of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. How shared pre-start-up moments of transition and cognitions contextualize effectual and causal decisions in entrepreneurial teams.

Resource utilization as an internal driver of alliance portfolio evolution: The Qatar Airways case — Stakeholder integration, environmental sustainability orientation and financial performance. Understanding the trade-off between familiarity and newness in product innovation.

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Strategic choices of exploration and exploitation alliances under market uncertainty. Intellectual structure of international new venture research. Specializing in general purpose technologies as a firm long-term strategy.

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The Startup as a Result of Innovative Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial orientation, environmental sustainability and new venture performance: Does stakeholder integration matter? Innovationspolitik und Netzwerke. Innovation ecosystems: a meta-synthesis. What and how do SMEs gain by going international? A longitudinal investigation of financial and intellectual resource growth. The interplay of competition and cooperation. Knowledge sourcing by multidivisional firms.

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  7. Rahul C. Basole , Shiv S. Collaborative by Design? The home country boundness of technological resources and internationalization performance. Complementary or contradictory? The effects of structural holes and status on innovation. Marco Furlotti , Giuseppe Soda. Competing with complementors: An empirical look at Amazon. Overcoming barriers to innovation in food and agricultural biotechnology.

    Who's pulling the strings? The influence of network structure on standard dominance. Turning strategic network resources into performance: The mediating role of network identity of small- and medium-sized enterprises. More is not always better: Effects of collaboration breadth and depth on radical and incremental innovation performance at the project level. Recurrent practices to generate innovation in non RyD capabilities based in leather, footwear and leather industry.