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While spending the day fishing on the lake, the gals manage to get stuck, and have to be rescued by a ruggedly handsome Irishman yes, because this happens all the time….

Cecelia Ahern has written a sequel to PS I Love You

With dark and mysterious lakes tucked in between deep glacial valleys, this spot is one of the most beautiful gems in the entire country. Tiffany is the founder behind the faith-based travel blog, Lavender Vines. Follow her journey on her blog , Twitter , Instagram , and Facebook. Thank you so much — I just went on a pinning frenzy!

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I love you. I did watch leap year, and love the sightful journey of the country. I thought it was only me that loves sooooo much this movie with these outstanding sceneries!

Great article! Kisses from Greece! It was so good. Thank you for the details.

P.S. I Love You () - IMDb

Oh, I'm sorry, did you think your crush on Gerard Butler died long ago? Well, prepare to feel a wave of nostalgia for both his abs and his film P.

I Love You , because the story in that beloved romantic drama is going to be continuing well, in book form, that is. On March 11, author Cecelia Ahern announced that she's written the sequel to the international bestseller upon which P. I Love You is based. Even better?

The PS, I Love You sequel is officially being made into a movie, confirms Cecelia Ahern

The book will be available later this year! I hope you'll welcome back Holly Ahern released the first novel back in , which follows happy married couple Holly and Gerry played in the film by Hilary Swank and Butler, respectively.

What I love about the modern-era Gerard Butler the dude has been making movies for 20 years, after all is that this era-Butler is not a man who will ever starve himself, Christian Bale in the Machinist -style. Nor put himself through the wringer for a role that tests the levels of his endurance, like Leo in the Revenant.

He is not an actor that is going to suffer for his art.

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  3. 8. P.S. I Love You.

I respect that. This is why in a nutshell I really love Gerard Butler. Or the very low key, charming, and kind of devastating Dear Frankie.

But there is one movie, above all others, that I find myself inexplicably rewatching the most, and I make no apologies for it. In fact, I think it is his best movie, because it combines all the hallmarks of a Butler movie:. Weird, improbable premise? Gerard Butler being, well, Gerard Butler?