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Tenstein, J. Chin, R. Denschlag, and. Kinast, A. Turlapov, and J. Thomas , Breakdown of hydrodynamics in the radial breathing mode of a strongly interacting Fermi gas , Physical Review A , vol. Bruun and C. Clark , Ideal gases in time-dependent traps , Physical Review A , vol. Yu, E. Kagan, G. Surkov, and. Pantel, D. Fetter, and D. Sidorenkov and R.

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Grimm , Datas on sloshing mode damping from [2]. Turlapov, J. Thomas, Q. Chen, J. Stajic et al. Stajic, and K.

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Pethick , Smith : Bose? Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases , Serr, T. Dumitrescu, T. Suzuki, and C.

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Dasso , Microscopic description of current distributions for collective excitations in spherical nuclei , Nuclear Physics A , vol. Griffin, W. Wu, and S. Remaud, F. Vinet, and Y. Bertsch, S. Das, and.

Gupta , A guide to microscopic models for intermediate energy heavy ion collisions , Physics Reports , vol. Wade, D. Baillie, and P. Lobo, A. Recati, S. Giorgini, and S. William, H. Swope, P.

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Andersen, K. Berens, and. Wilson , A computer simulation method for the calculation of equilibrium constants for the formation of physical clusters of molecules : Application to small water clusters , The Journal of Chemical Physics , vol. Castin and R. Menotti, P. Pedri, and S. O-'hara, S. Hemmer, M. Gehm, S. Granade, and J. Elliott, J.

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Joseph, and J. Vichi, M. Inguscio, S. Stringari, and G. Kjaergaard, A. Mellish, and A. Wilson , Differential scattering measurements from a collider for ultracold atoms , New Journal of Physics , vol. Sommer, M. Ku, G. Roati, and W. Martin , Zwierlein : Universal spin transport in a strongly interacting Fermi gas , Nature , issue.

Goulko, F. Chevy, and C.

Taylor, S. Zhang, W.

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Schneider, and M. Randeria , Colliding clouds of strongly interacting spin-polarized fermions , Physical Review A , vol. Joseph, J. Thomas, M. Kulkarni, and A. Radzihovsky, E. Daniel, and. Recati and S.