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Fidelity is now offering a managed account product that uses an automated investment platform. What Fidelity is offering is not rocket science. Any investment advisor worth his or her salt can provide the same company k or b retirement plan mutual fund asset allocation services. And get paid for it too. Fidelity reads, and sponsors, some of the same company retirement plan participant investor surveys that everyone else does. What is the largest and most liquid investable financial asset in most American households? Especially with two-income families, it is the k or b accounts.

I opened my first Fidelity individual company k retirement plan investment advisory account with an attorney at a law firm in my local market in My first ThinkAdvisor column on the topic of building an individual company retirement plan investment advice business was published in October Fidelity has now confirmed the want, the need, and the access to individual company k and b investment management advice. They are about to charge an average of 50 basis points on client assets that have been right under your nose since your clients opened their accounts.

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Research on Wealth Investment Advisor. Newsletters Sign In. FinTech CyberSecurity Advisor 2. Consistently contributing to your k is a must, especially if there is a company match. A company match is basically free money.

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Grab it! Once you are contributing, try to max out the company match.

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In general, the younger you are, the more your portfolio allocation should be slanted to stocks. With 30 plus years until retirement, you can weather any volatility.

As you begin approaching retirement, your portfolio allocation will consistently move into more conservative investments. Time horizon is only one. Speaking with a financial advisor can help you sort out the details and choose an allocation that is right for you. Check out our guide to investing in your 20s for more info on a good allocation. Improving your retirement investing knowledge is always a great choice. We have some amazing resources here to get started, including our free Investing course.

Target-date funds are a type of set-it-and-forgot investment. Nearly all k plans offered by employers include target-date funds. Some companies even set them as the default so employees begin contributing as soon as their account is open.

A target-date fund is named with is target year. This is the year you expect to retire. The fund automatically adjusts its allocation as you get closer to retirement. Target-date funds can be a low maintenance choice for investing in your retirement.

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It can be hard to pick an exact year, as these funds usually are named in 5 year intervals. You can make a choice to choose a year a little before you expect to retire - this being a little more conservative in your investments, or a little after you expect to retire, being a little more aggressive. Target date funds are the solution for everyone, and there are problems with target date funds you should be aware of.

Financial advisors can provide some of the best and most comprehensive options when it comes to retirement investing. Financial advisors can benefit investors at all levels.

5 Tips To Better Manage Your 401k

A financial advisor will want to understand your entire financial picture, which may not be the case with robo-advisors. They can also answer any questions you might have and take into consideration new life events. For example, a newborn, a new home, moving or whatever it might be.

All life events can potentially impact your retirement investing plan. Bloom analyzes your k account and provides suggestions on how best to optimize it. Blooom is like a robo advisor but there are real financial advisors who can help as well. To use Blooom, you first set a few basic parameters such as your risk tolerance and time to retirement.