In the Vineyard of the Text: A Commentary to Hughs Didascalicon

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Toward a History of Needs also initiates a project in the history or archaeology of ideas that takes its first full-bodied shape in Gender , an attempt to recover social experiences of female-male complementarity that have been obscured by the modern economic regime.

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H2O and the Waters of Forgetfulness extends this project into a history of "stuff. In the Mirror of the Past is a collection of occasional essays and talks from the s, linking his concerns with economics, education, history, and the new ideological meaning of life. Illich himself is a polymath who speaks at least six languages fluently and who writes regularly in three of these English, Spanish, and German ; his books have been translated into more than 15 other languages.

Ivan Illich. In a work with profound implications for the electronic age, Ivan Illich explores how revolutions in technology affect the way we read and understand text.

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Examining the Didascalicon of Hugh of St. Victor, Illich celebrates the culture of the book from the twelfth century to the present. Original Title. Other Editions 7.


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Be the first to ask a question about In the Vineyard of the Text. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 09, Dave Bonta rated it it was amazing Shelves: medieval-literature , philosophy-and-religion. As with most Illich books, the footnotes are right there where you need them, are fascinating in their own right — and can be skipped if you're in a hurry.

Though why one would be in a hurry to finish such an entertaining look at the history of reading in the pivotal 12th century, I'm not sure. I thought about trying to read the book out loud, but wasn't sure I could manage the plainchant. May 01, Ross Bonaime rated it liked it Shelves: books-to-read-before-you-die. In the Vineyard of the Text is my 11th book in my attempt to read my way through James Mustich's 1, Books to Read Before You Die book, and in it, I found a great quote from Hugh's Didascalicon that perfectly sums up my plan to read all these books: " The wise student, therefore, gladly hears all, reads all, and looks down upon no writing, no person, no teaching.

From all indifferently he seeks what he sees he lacks, and he considers not how much he knows, but of how much he is ignorant. Would I have ever read a book with a title like In the Vineyard of the Text without this list? Almost certainly not. Even in Mustich's description of In the Vineyard of the Text, he describes the Didascalicon as an obscure 12th century text.

But what Ivan Illich is really doing with this commentary is tracking the history of reading, from a practice only for the religiously affiliated to a portable option that could be read by anyone. Illich presents ideas I had never even thought about when it comes to reading, such as that it took centuries for people to realize they could read silently, as opposed to reading out loud, or just how long it took people to discover the ease of alphabetical organization.

The history of reading itself is far more intricate and menial in its evolution than I would've expected. My major problem with In the Vineyard of the Text is more of a structural issue than any problem with the book.


Almost every page of Illich's book is packed with massive footnotes. In many cases, the footnotes take up more of the page than Illich's actual writing.

This bothered me throughout the book for two reasons. First, much of the detail in these footnotes could've easily been part of the actual text. Many of these footnotes are integral to the story Illich is telling, and I'm not sure why he doesn't allow the footnotes just to reference what books he's mentioning, rather than putting fascinating details into them that should've been part of his commentary. Secondly, going back and forth from text to footnote can be unwieldy, and they are so consistently present that it's easy to lose the rhythm that the book has going for it.

Every time I went to a footnote, I felt like I was losing my place and had to get my bearings with the book once more. I finished In the Vineyard of the Text in one day, and while that might be because it's a relatively short read, I also found Illich's history of reading quite compelling. I wish he had integrated the material from his footnotes in a cleaner way that didn't disrupt the story so consistently, but the story he does tell is surprising and unknown to me before now.

Jun 05, Adam Marischuk rated it really liked it Shelves: history , medieval-studies , philosophy , theology.

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