God Is Disappointed in You

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As a minister I found a few inconsistencies with the biblical record in the storytelling but it is mostly accurate with only a few mistakes here and there. Since this is written as a satirical view of the Scriptures is not necessary for her to have an esoteric accuracy. I recommend this book to those Who are interested in the Bible and are able to laugh at themselves and the foibles of ancient believers as well as modern Christians. I haven't laughed this hard at a book in my entire life. It sums up the Bible fairly well, with profanity and hilarity.

I would and have recommend ed this book to anyone, with a small disclaimer -- you need to not be uptight about your religion. If you have no ability to find humor in it, you will not appreciate this book. For example, one of the lines reads: "The whole ancient world was a bag of dicks. Even God was a bit of a dick. My only critique is that I wish the chapters were just the teensiest bit longer.

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I also think that the author's note, which came at the end of the book, would have been great at the beginning because it explains his intent, his misgivings, and the positive reception of the book by nuns and priests. I would maybe even recommend that readers check that part out first.

Either way, this book is fantastic!! This is an highly inventive and enjoyable way to look at biblical literature. While humorous and irreverent it is also respectful and actually more informative than you would think.

God Is Disappointed In You

I'm recommending this one as both entertainment and a tutorial. The story of God's dysfunctional relationship with his chosen people. God's marriage to the Jews was a tempestuous, rancorous affair. What made the experience of listening to God Is Disappointed in You the most enjoyable? Funny, intellectually stimulating, irreverence on steroids. What was one of the most memorable moments of God Is Disappointed in You? When Mary and Joseph realized they had forgotten Jesus back at the Temple. How does this one compare?

I liked how he sounded very Jewish. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? God is Disappointed in You. Any additional comments? The only audio book where upon completion I immediately started again and I bought 10 copies for friends and family. I still read it daily. Reading from The Beginning, pun intended, I was never able to make it much further than Genesis.

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Thanks to the authors, and a great performance from the narrator, I was able to finish the Bible in less than six hours. I will be revisiting this one. The trip was enjoyable since the fluff had been meticulously wrung out and replaced with equal parts sarcasm and accuracy.

If a reading of the Bible doesn't contain the phrase "tip slip", it's just not worth my time. This is an easy listen and incredibly enjoyable. Perhaps condensing so far steals a bit of nuance from the stories, but the essence is there and hilarious. If sermons were written like this, churches would be filled to capacity on Sundays!

This book reminds me of Lamb by Christopher Moore which is one of my all time favorites; I loved the way they condensed the books of the bible into hilarious little chunks that even a heathen like me can understand and appreciate. I can't say it gave me a lot of hope for humanity but my outlook was grim to start with so no harm done there. This should be required reading for non-believers just so they know what it is they are not believing in; I know it certainly educated and entertained me. The narration was perfection times 10 - a match made in heaven pun totally intended.

I give this one 5 stars for making me laugh and think at the same time without realizing it. I will be listening to it again the next time I need an attitude adjustment. What did you love best about God Is Disappointed in You? A hilarious retelling of the bible, updated for the 21rst century.

What did you like best about this story? Perfect for those of us who have never read the bible, nor had any inclination to. I have a pretty good sense of humor, and I find that a lot of people take their religion WAY too seriously, so I thought I would like this book. While it is clever, the joke wore thin after a few hours. This is probably a book you should read a little at a time - to listen straight through gets a little tedious. This doesn't attack the bible it simply lets the bible tell its own story, and show itself as flawed, inconsistent and FUNNY This reading had me laughing out loud so many times.

It's also an excellent summary - for anyone wanting a relatively quick understanding of the main stories and characters you can't go far wrong.

For many, life itself is a series of disappointments.

Stone pronunciation is a bit iffy but a good job still. Will put a smile on your face. And a few thoughts in your head. What did you like best about God Is Disappointed in You? What did you like least?

God is Disappointed in You by Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler – Silver Sprocket

It was funny and irreverant in the way I had hoped but it could have been sharper. I wanted it to be as brilliant as Old Harry's Game by Andy Hamilton but it was a much gentler less astute take on the genre. I think the book would be better as it has pictures and a contents page.

God Is Disappointed in You: Original Sin

The lack of chapter titles really annoys me with all audible books but none more so than this one. I had no idea where I was. I've read sections of the bible and was looking forward to hearing how they would be presented but most were completely missed out as far as I could tell. In fact some of the best material for humourous appraisal was shelved. However I do understand the whole point of the book was to cover it fast, still I did feel slightly disapointed. Overall I didn't not enjoy it. For many of us, it seems as if a spotlight shines on our mistakes and weaknesses.

In reality, this viewpoint neither fits with the foundation of Christianity, nor with the kind of God we follow.

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God hates sin. He hates it because He hates that which is opposed to truth, beauty, His loving will and desire to protect. Enter Jesus Christ. If Christ has truly taken our sins, then clenching on to them is not what pleases God. We must remember this reality and learn to believe it at deeper and deeper levels. Nothing gives us the opportunity to do this like the awareness of our faults. Rather than using our faults as a chance to punish ourselves, perhaps we can consider them the invitation to not only practice our faith, but also to grasp the intense love of God.

God does not identify us by our sins. He is not intimidated by our weaknesses, like we so often are. Speaking of food— starting now, you all have to eat kosher. No bats and no wild birds. Fish are cool, as long as they have scales and fins. Insects that fly are out, but insects that walk on the ground are okay. You can eat all the termites you want. If you have a mildew problem, you have to burn your clothes and blankets. If you have a wet dream, you have to take a bath. If you have a pus-filled sore, take a bath and then burn your clothes.

If someone gets a skin disease, make him take a bath and shave off all his hair. If a man with eczema spits on you, you have to take a bath and burn all your clothes. The king is so hot. Let them stare. Maybe they need to see what a happy woman looks like. The king is so sweet. He lets me eat in the banquet hall and he feeds me raisins and apples. Last night, I kept waking up, wishing he were in my bed. When morning came, I went into town, just so I could catch a glimpse of him.