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With so many things out of your control these days, it just makes good economic sense to get a firmer grip on those things you can control. This suite of advanced technologies gives you unprecedented control over your power plant—from start-up to balancing to turndown. Power FlexEfficiency brochure power-flexefficiency-brochure.

Power LifeMax brochure power-lifemax-brochure.

Power Plant Performance Testing GE currently conducts over thermal performance tests each year, on gas turbine, steam turbine, and combined cycle power plants from all manufacturers. When GE conducts your performance tests, you gain the high level engineering expertise of a trusted name in the power generation industry. We offer new genuine GE parts to meet your heavy-duty gas trubine needs, but with our one-stop OEM offering, we also give you the option to save moeny and time with GE's most cost-effective refurbished parts.


Generator Collector Brush Holder GE enhancements allow for brushes safe removal and installation with the generator online, easing its replacement and providing greater reliability during operation. Generator Health Monitoring A comprehensive approach to generator condition assessment enabling predictive maintenance.

Generator In-Situ Inspection GE is continually advancing the technology of in-situ inspections on turbine generator equipment. In-situ inspections offer component assessment capabilities comparable or superior to traditional rotor-out inspections.

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Generator Rotor Dovetail Inspection Generator tooth cracking is a condition that can result in the failure of your rotor or generator. GE has identified the potential for cracked rotor teeth in large steam turbine generators that have been in service for more than 10 years, experienced a negative sequence event, or hav an operational history includig extensive start-stops.

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Synchronous Condenser Conversion GE now offers engineered solutions that convert existing synchronous generators, powered by steam or gas turbines, into synchronous condensers with reduced distruption to the existing plant. Cylinder Retrofit The Cylinder Retrofit product delivers significant improvement to both efficiency and heat rate while increasing output and extending the life of the steam turbine. Dense Pack - Increasing Output and Efficiency While Reducing Maintenance Cost GE's Dense Pack steam path resdesign technology can improve the efficiency of mature steam turbines, enhancing the plant's profitability and competitiveness, while extending the life of the turbine.

Dense Pack Steam Path and Section Replacements GE's Dense Pack steam path redesign technology can improve the efficiency of mature steam turbines, enhancing plant profitability and competitiveness, while extending the life of the turbine. Based on GE's D11 fleet experience, minimizing top-to-bottom shell temperature differentials greatly reduces the likelihood of rub induced vibration events.

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Steam Turbine Diaphragm Dishing Repair steam-turbine-diaphragm-dishing-repair. Genuine GE Parts When it comes to replacement parts, you have many choices. But are you making the right one? With GE, you get genuine OEM-designed and manufactured parts that preserve the integrity of your asset.

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But that's just the beginning - with GE you get more than a new part. You experience a true collaboration that helps improve your plant's performance, reliability, safety, and emissions. GECC Proven corrosion prevention for over 30 years GECC-1 is a coating used for corrosion prevention on steel and stainless steel turbine components. Large liquid cooled generators were designed for decades of life with expected periodic inspection, maintenance and repairs.

Evaporative Cooling System An evaporative cooling system for turbine inlet air is a useful option for installations where high ambient temperatures and low relative humidity are common. Inlet Chilling System An inlet chilling unit will cool the compressor air intake, increasing air density and thus engine output. LM Gas to Dual Fuel Upgrade Upgrade includes on-engine, off-engine, and the off-package fuel delivery and filtration skids, along with updated controls software and hardware, to yield a unit capable of operating on either Natural Gas or Liquid Fuels diesel.

Liquid to Dual Fuel Upgrade for LM aeroderivative gas turbine Upgrading your liquid fuel-only LM aeroderivative gas turbine so that it also can run on natural gas allows you the flexibility of using different fuels as prices fluctuate.

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Primary Frequency Control The Primary Frequency Control PFC , an important way to maintain frequency stability, balances the power generation and load consumption in the grid. Constantly at the ready, the system senses when utility power stops flowing to your home for any reason, thus sensing a power outage. Our intense focus on innovation has helped us develop celebrated state-of-the-art standby generator systems that answer your challenges at home and in commerce.

Generators that stand by you. Unlike other standby generator manufacturers, our warranty covers parts, labor and travel for the full length of the warranty with no start-up costs. Fortress Standby Generators: The Fortress line of standby generators offers the industry's leading standard 6-year limited warranty 2 of parts, labor and travel.

No other standby generator manufacturer provides a standard warranty this comprehensive.

We engineer our generators to deliver quality, reliable power, and our warranty backs-up that commitment. See our exclusive line of Fortress Standby Generators. Not all 5-year warranties are created equal. Check out our line-up of Residential Standby Generators. Your business needs to keep running, even when the power goes out- your customers and profits rely on it. We offer the longest standard warranty to back your business.

Look at this line-up of Commercial Standby Generators. As the most customizable Power Management system anywhere, this patented technology is the easiest way to give your family unprecedented peace of mind and protection during a power outage. Search through our exclusive line of standby generators. Costs vary from state to state and home to home. All rights reserved. Explore Our Family of Brands.

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    Commercial Brands. InfoHub Connected Power. Snapper Pro. It additionally understands marketing trends, market strategies, new product analysis, and financial overview. Sales revenue and consumption estimates, year-on-year growth analysis, price estimation and trend analysis, etc. Further, justification for the estimates for each segments, and regions will also be provided in qualitative form.

    The global Gas Turbine Generators Market research report offers a comprehensive market evaluation. The current market size, development rate, and value chain analysis within the Gas Turbine Generators Market are also highlighted in this report. Reason to purchase: — 1 Highlights key business priorities in order to assist companies to realign their business strategies.

    In addition, the study offers a complete study of the key Gas Turbine Generators market dynamics and their newest trends, along with relevant market segments and sub-segments. In addition, this report discusses the key drivers influencing market growth, opportunities, the challenges and the risks faced by key manufacturers and the market as a whole.

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